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Jamestown Concert Association Presents: Frisson

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Date & Time: 
Friday, November 1, 2019 - 8:00pm

Thomas Gallant, oboe Caeli Smith, viola

Now in their third season, Frisson is still as exciting as ever. Led by oboist Thomas Gallant and violist Caeli Smith, the exuberant ensemble rightly call themselves the “new faces of classical music.” The group is composed of musicians from the nation's major music schools including Juilliard, Curtis, and Yale and are being heralded as the “best and brightest of classical music’s rising stars.” Though their breadth of ability with the classics is incontestable, they don’t limit themselves to the Brahms and Beethovens we’ve all come to know. They delight with rarely-performed masterworks, contemporary arrangements and even works from lesser-known female composers, shedding light on the difficulties women have had breaking into the world of classical music. Frisson bring these works to life through varying quintets, sextets, nonets, and a small chamber orchestra, creating their signature thrill throughout.