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Technical & Facility Information

A major renovation of the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts  (RLCA) was completed  October, 1990.
Information listed below is current as of February 2017.

Seating Capacity:

Orchestra Level 637
Orch. Removable  77
Handicap Accessible 16
Balcony 529

Total Seats: 1259

Loading Access

  • Loading access and parking for trucks and buses is via the loading drive on Pine Street (see attached map). The drive is approximately 120' long. Parking in the drive is by advance arrangement only. (208 Pine St Jamestown, NY should get you to where you want to be)
  • Loading doors are located U.S.L. and door access is 8' 0"w x 10' 0"h.
  • The doors are truck height and level with the stage.   
  • Trucks can back directly to the doors. RLCA has one (1) - 16' 0" x 3'2"  steel ramp and one (1) - 5' 0" x 5' 0" aluminum dock plate available.

Dressing Rooms

All are fully climate controlled, equipped with mirrors, make-up lights, sinks, wardrobe racks, show program, and page monitors.
  • 4 Dressing Rooms are located below stage level with capacities of:
    • 1 @ 10 persons
    • 1 @ 9 persons
    • 1 @ 8 persons
    • 1 @ 4 persons
  • The Men and Women's restrooms located below stage level contain one shower each.
  • 1 Dressing Room/Quick Change is located on stage level D.S.L. It has a capacity of 1 person and is equipped with a mirror, make-up lights, run blues, sink, wardrobe rack, show program, and page monitor.
  • All Dressing Rooms can be locked and have their own key. Keys available upon request.

On-Site Wardrobe Services

Located in the Greenroom
  • 1 Washer
  • 1 Dryer
  • 1 Iron
  • 1 Ironing Board
  • 1 Industrial Steaming Machine
  • 4 Rolling Garment Racks

Stage Dimensions

  • Width of proscenium opening: 37' 11"
  • Height of proscenium opening: 22' 0" (to the bottom of the Main Valance)
  • Grid height: 52'6"
  • Distance from plaster line to back wall: 29' 6"
  • Distance from apron front to plaster line at cntr.: 6' 6"
  • Distance from orchestra pit front to plaster line at cntr.: 12' 10"
  • Distance from orchestra pit to first row of seats: 11’ 6"
  • Wing space stage right: 9' 3".
  • Wing space stage left: 14' 9".
  • Access to audience from the stage is via stairs on the ends of the apron and from backstage house left.
  • Height of stage deck from the house floor: 3' 6".

*See attached drawings for information regarding wing space obstructions.*

Stage Floor

Masonite panels over a maple strip floor on wood sleepers over concrete. Painted matte black.
The floor is not very resilient.

Orchestra Pit and Musician Information

  • Pit dimensions are 35' 0" x 11' 0".
  • The pit floor is 8' 10" below stage level. The pit is currently covered.
    • Cover can be removed completely with advance notice and approval.
  • Access to the pit is through a standard size door leading to the dressing room area.
  • The pit contains a Steinway upright piano, 3' 6" x 3' 6" conductor's podium (adjustable to 22" or  28" high), and 5 duplex and 16 single A/C wall outlets controlled by a total of 4 - 20amp. circuit breakers.
  • The RLCA also owns a Steinway 9' 0" model D Concert Grand stored onstage, upstage left. An artist's bench is available. (The Piano cannot be moved to the pit & cannot sit on orchestra pit cover)
  • 20 stands and 25+ chairs are available.
  • Some clip lights are available with advance notice.

Rigging System

  • Type: Double-purchase counterweight
  • Lines sets: 29 (not including the Main Curtain)
  • Arbor Capacity: 1,200 lbs. (Enough weight is on-hand to load all arbors to capacity)
  • Batten description:  1-1/2" dia. schedule 80 steel pipe with 5 pick-up points ea. Battens are 47' in length.
  • Batten capacity:  approx. 550 lbs.
  • All lines sets can be cleared with advance arrangement except for the Main Curtain, Set # 9 (Movie Screen), Set #15 ( Mid-stage Traveler) and Set # 16 (Rear Projection screen).
  • See attached Line Set Layout and Hanging Plot for further information.

Main Curtain

  • Color: Rouge/Burgundy
  • Works only as a traveler and pulls from S.L.
  • Main Valance is fixed at a trim of 22' 0" and is Gold and Rouge/Burgundy in color.

Lighting Control System

  • Control Console: ETC Ion 1000 with 2 fader wings (2x20) and 2 touch screens
  • Programmable sub-masters: 80
  • Memory: Internal Hard Drive
  • Memory backup: USB Flash Drive
  • Console location: The console can be located in the control booth house right at the rear of the balcony, backstage stage left, at the road console location under the balcony house left (using this location removes half of the ADA compliant seating), or the projection booth at the rear of the balcony.
  • Number of dimmers: 280 @ 2.4kw per circuit
  • Alternate dimmers: 4 @ 6.0kw per circuit
  • All electrics are powered by Fixed Circuit Umbilical Drops. See Repertory Light Plot for Further Details.
  • A substantial inventory of Source 4 ERS, PAR, PARNel is available. 
  • Please refer to the attached Repertory Lighting Plot for further details
  • Listed below is the Lighting Instrument Count​​

Lighting Inventory

Type Count
ETC Source Four - 5 Deg 4
ETC Source Four - 10 Deg 8
ETC Source Four - 14 Deg 20
ETC Source Four - 19 Deg 8
ETC Source Four - 26 Deg 24
ETC Source Four - 36 Deg 68
ETC Source Four - 50 Deg 20
ETC Source Four - PARNel 24
ETC Source Four - PAR 48
4 Cell CYC 5
Altman R40 Borderlight 9
Lycian 1267 Super Arc 400 Followspot 2

Sound System

The system is a multi-cluster, time-aligned "central" loudspeaker system. Uses include lectures, dramatic and musical productions, and performances by small to medium sized musical groups.


  • One main cluster over the proscenium covers the orchestra, and a delayed cluster covers the balcony area.
  • Each of the two Center Cluster contains:
    • 2 - EV -TL606D stacked vertically
    • 1 ea. - EV- P1240 and HP940 driven by an EV-DH1A-16 mounted below the Low Frequency cabinet.
  • The seating area under the balcony is covered by 12- EV-PRO-12B recessed into ceiling boxes.
  • The first rows of the orchestra seating area are covered by 26-JBL-2105H mounted in the pit rail.
  • Additional side fills in the Orchestra and Balcony are provided by:
    • 4 - Turbosound TXD-151 speakers (Orchestra)
    • 2 - Turbosound TXD-151 speakers (Balcony)
  • Power for the system is supplied by a mix of D&B Audiotechnik D10, Crown PS-200,PS-400, and Macro-tech 600 amplifiers.


  • Mixing Console: DiGiCo S21
  • Alternate Mixing Console: Yamaha M7CL-32
    • As of 11/1/16 The M7Cl-31 has a damaged fader. Fader 10 Does not work with Central Logic.
  • The house mixing position is located in the rear center of the orchestra section underneath the balcony.
  • The house has access to a limited inventory of sound equipment.

Monitor System

  • 2 separately powered monitor outputs are located throughout the stage area
    • Powered by 2 Crown Macro-  tech 600 amplifiers
  • 4 - JBL- 4602B Cabaret wedges are available for monitor speakers
  • 4 - QSC K-Series active monitor wedges

House Audio lines and Audio tie-in

  • 45 XLR inputs from the stage and pit to the House Mix
    • 1-1​5 Stage Left
    • ​16-30 Orchestra Pit (Not accessible from the stage)
    • ​31-45 Stage Right
  • 2 - DiGiCo D-Racks (CAT6 Connection); each with 32 ins and 16 outs
  • ​All points are readily accessible
  • ​Input to the House Mains exist both onstage and at the House Mix position
  • ​Input to the 2 powered Monitor Amplifiers exists only at the House Mix Position
  • ​2 XLR inputs are available from the projection booth that send to Stage Left​


  • Intercom is provided by a 2 - channel Clear-Com MS-200C main station with 24 stations located throughout the facility.
  • Paging and show program monitor speakers are located in the dressing room areas, Green Room, and Stage Left.
    • The page mic can be located at the stage manager's console S.L. or in the lighting booth at the rear of the balcony.
    • Show program has a volume adjustment for each speaker zone. 
  • A telephone is also located S.L. at the stage manager's console. x216

Electrical Service

  • 1 - 800 amp three-phase service for lighting is located S.L.
  • 1 - 100 amp three-phase service for sound is located S.L. This service is tied to the same isolated ground as the house sound system.
  • 5 - 20 amp circuits are located around the stage that are tied to the same isolated ground.

Road console locations

  • A 6' x 20' space is provided for touring sound and lighting consoles at the house left rear of the orchestra seating area
  • Approximately 80 ft. from the stage. Use of this area is by prior arrangement. Use of this location  consumes approximately 8 ADA compliant seats.


  • 1 - Genie lift with a 26’ working height.
  • 1 - 12' Folding, aluminum
  • 1 - 6' Folding, aluminum

Pyrotechnics & Atmospherics

The use of pyrotechnics is in accordance with local fire laws. Their use should be discussed with the Technical Director in advance of your arrival. Due to the sensitivity of the building's Fire Alarm system, the use of fog, smoke, or haze machines should also be discussed prior to your arrival.

Projection Equipment

  • A 16'0" x 35' 0" screen is permanently hung on line set #9.
  • Throw to the screen is 110' from the Projection Booth.
  • The theater is equipped with a Digital Cinema System:
    • NEC NC2000C Digital Cinema Projector
      • 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution
      • 3-D capabilities
      • Barco Konica Minolta pgBFL DLP Cinema 85.0mm 2.5/52.4-85.3mm Projector Lens
      • Motorized focus, zoom, horizontal/vertical shift, light shutter (dowser) / Lens memory stores lens setting (shift/zoom/focus) for Flat or Cinemascope formats
    • Dolby DSS200 Media Server
    • Dolby CP750 Audio Processor
      • 5.1 Surround Sound
    • Encrypted (with key) or Unencrypted content playback
    • Blu-Ray Player
    • DVI input
    • Digital audio in
    • 3.5mm Audio Input Jack


All Stage labor including Stagehands, truck loaders, wardrobe, and projectionists working at the RLCA are provided by I.A.T.S.E. Local #266, Jamestown, NY.
The work jurisdiction of the Union shall include the handling, building, and assembling of any scenery, props, theatrical lighting, stage audio, stage audio-visual equipment and wardrobe at the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts. No Designer, Stage Manager, Technical Personnel, or other person shall be permitted to handle scenery, props, stage, theatrical lighting, or audio-visual equipment where such would displace an employee of the Union. However, final hook-up, adjustment, and operation of the above items which are not owned or leased by the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts may be done by a representative of the owner. The operation of any equipment owned or leased by the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts will be by Union employees except where the artist and the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts feel the quality of the performance will be enhanced by allowing the operation by a representative of the artist. Where this would displace an employee of the union, the union may require that a Union employee ‘Stand-by’ said equipment.

Theatrical Supplies & Rentals

  • Advanced Production Group - Dunkirk, NY (716) 366-5090
  • Raven Sound - Erie, PA (814) 456-0331
  • Raven Sound - Erie, PA (814) 456-0331
  • Grisé Audio Visual – Erie, PA (814) 425-4465
  • Audio Images Sound & Lighting - Batavia, NY (585) 343-4050
  • Northeastern Production Systems – Rochester, NY (585) 427-8760
  • Syracuse Scenery – Syracuse, NY (315) 474-2474
  • BMI Supply – Queensbury, NY 1-800-836-0524



Helpful Contacts


Reg Lenna Main Phone: (716) 664-2465
  • Director of Production & Technology - Don Gould:  x211
  • Backstage:  x216
  • Box Office - Stephanie Prynn:  x214
  • Business Office - Hillary Meyer:  x225
  • Director of Marketing & Communications - Len Barry:  x227
  • House Manager & Hospitality - Heather Felton:  x210
Box Office (Direct): (716) 484-7070
For Information on renting the Reg, please visit the Rent Our Facility page.