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Circo Comedia

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Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 4:00pm

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Unpredictable thrills, side-splitting comedy, acrobatic tricks, daring feats, magic and daredevil stunts are the signature style of Circo Comedia’s Jean Saucier and Patrick Cote. Following in the tradition of the Quebec Circus, Saucier, juggles, cycles, balances and performs magic from dizzying heights while Côté clowns, skates and drums trying his best to be the (imperfect) assistant. This is family entertainment at its finest! Deliriously funny - filled with unforgettable moments

More about Circo Comedia:

In 2004, Jean Saucier began performing with acrobat/stuntman/drummer/roller skater Patrick Côté in Québec theaters, festivals, schools and specials events. In 2005, Jean & Patrick won the First Prize (Public Choice) at the Mondial des Amuseurs of Trois-Rivières Festival, (Québec). Jean Saucier is delighted to introduce North American audiences to his very gifted and talented new partner Patrick Côté. A unicycle launched the career of Jean Saucier. At age 11, Jean cut a curious figure in his native Montreal when he delivered newspapers atop his one-wheeler. Mostly self-taught until the age of 18, Jean attended the École National du Cirque de Montréal. Cirque du Soleil noticed his talent and hired him. In 1987, Jean Saucier was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Festival du Cirque de Demain in Paris, France for his bicycle routine together with his performing ensemble. Since then, much has changed as he discovered that he was destined to be a "Straight Man" - the serious side of comedy. Patrick Côté is a comic stuntman, an expert on roller skates and a formidable drummer. While training as a gymnast and acrobat at Montreal's National Circus School (École Nationale de Cirque) in 1989, Patrick discovered a passion for burlesque stunts and created his own lexicon of unique, humorous and spectacular moves, becoming a true artist in the genre of physical comedy. Also in the late 1980's, Patrick created his well known alter-ego/comic characters "PatPatinFou" for La Maison Hantée (The Haunted House) and "Le Baron Fou", which he incorporated into 2,500 performances over a ten-year period.