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100 Days of Birds: Hannah Burnworth

Venue Location: 

3rd on 3rd Gallery

108 East 3rd Street, Jamestown, NY 14701
Date & Time: 
Friday, May 24, 2019 - 10:00am

Open through May 24.

Hannah Burnworth is the artist behind Milk House Studio and the 100 Days of Birds Series.  Burnworth has degrees in both art education and studio art.  She has been teaching art in Indiana public schools and through private workshops for the last 13 years.  In addition to teaching, Burnworth loves to create all things paper.  Her collage, paintings and paper sculpture celebrate creativity and design, bringing together a love for texture, color, nature and the beauty of everyday life.  Burnworth resides in Indiana, where she has shown her work both regionally and nationally.  Her most recent solo shows were housed at Manchester University and Wunderkammer Gallery.  She was also recently published in the Stampington Press Publication Sew Somerset, the contemporary collage publication Making the Cut, Vol 1, and the September/October Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors last year.  

Statement from Hannah Burnworth:

100 Days.  It passes both slowly and quickly.  Sometimes 100 days may seem a series of mundane moments, and sometimes it contains some of the greatest experiences imaginable.  We grow, we backslide, we grow.  Without intention and a realistic goal, 100 days can sometimes seem a waste.  100 Days of Birds was a project about intentionality, learning, and growing. 

For 100 consecutive days, without missing a single one, I created a different bird from cut paper and stitched it together with my sewing machine.  Each bird fit into a paper nest, also adorned with threads.  I researched each bird briefly as I matched colors and textures abstractly.  I found out about their migration patterns, eating habits, and most interestingly to me, nesting habits.  Some birds build no nest at all, and lay their eggs in the nests of other birds.  Some push eggs out when there are too many.  Some defend their nests fiercely.  

The project became the most valuable visual research I've ever adopted.  I would think, "Wow, I love the color and repetition in that nest, I want to make a large scale piece like that." Or the oppositeI would be true, and I would note textures, colors or patterns that didn't seem to work well together.  It became portal to other valuable resources, such as the 2018 Year of the Bird National Geographic Project (a project which is incredible and too layered to outline here).  The 100 days  connected me with others.   I was invited to the home of an acquaintance where I witnessed hundreds of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds whizzing between dozens of feeders.  I chased a Snowy Owl across our county in the car with my husband and boys one evening, and will never forget their excitement. 

I could continue to list the learning and growing experiences, but instead, contrary to most artists statements, I would like to issue the reader a challenge.  Find your own 100 day passion.  Make the time count.  Set a goal.  See what you learn and how you grow.

***Not all birds and nests from 100 Days of Birds are on display.  Some have been incorporated into larger collages and sold.   To see the complete project, visit Hannah's instagram feed @milkhousestudio.  Her website is  If there is a particular bird you like, she is open to commissions and is currently taking orders for large scale prints featuring all 100 Birds. 


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